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Picture this, you and your friends have just met up at your apartment and you’re all thinking about going out to enjoy the night. You’ve lived in town for a few months so you know a few cool spots to go drinking and dancing but tonight you’re hunting something new. After asking the group if they knew of any places to go it becomes evident that the crew is content with hitting the same old spots. After searching through countless Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts it seems like the night is doomed to be predictable. Now seriously ask yourself, why is it so hard to figure out where to go on any given night?

Presenting Hagtap, the mobile nightlife application created to help you discover what’s going on around you based on popularity, proximity, and key factors that matter to you (music, dress code, etc). Hagtap is your nightlife savior, it is what you will turn to in order to decide where to go.

8 Reasons

to be happy about the Hagtap App

Mobile First

Be the Star

Find Drink Specials

Find Live Performances

Know the Dress Code

RSVP from your Phone

Don’t Settle for any Drink

It’s FREE to Download

Everything At Your Fingertips

Explore Your Options

Respect Your Privacy

In The Know

What to Expect

Search by Location

Find nightlife events in your immediate area

Save the Date by submitting RSVPs

Hagtap will save your events for future use and help you avoid long lines the reaching the guest list prior to attending

Great for Travel

Hagtap will help you find events wherever you go

About Our App

We know the Nightlife Industry

Get to the Right Place Everytime

Welcome to HAGTAP, your premier destination for nightlife exploration. The word HAGTAP is an acronym for: Have a Great Time and Party. Our beautifully designed app provides our users the finest search functions based on type of music, venue, events, specials, and proximity. Additional features include loyalty benefits, rating systems, a HAGTAP wallet with your drink and cover charge deals, and so much more.

Discover popular, trending, and local events in your area

Instead of going to the same old places every weekend, this app will be your chance to explore destinations that you are sure to enjoy and places that you may not have even known about prior. Based on your own interests, discover the most interesting places to have a great time.

Why Hagtap?

Hagtap’s main focus is to deliver an easier method of discovering great nightlife events. Our app is free to download and free to use. You can search for events and venues by location, type of music, drink specials, and more to ensure that you arrive at the right place every time you step out.

Who can use it?

Hagtap is created for both users and venue owners. Users have the ability to search for events and venues; venue owners can post events directly to Hagtap while also discovering how people interact with its profile and upcoming events.

Our Founders

Hagtap was founded in April 2013 by Jerry and Mary;
Jerry stumbled upon the idea after he and his friends realized how difficult it was to discover new cool places to go at night on a whim. It was only after constantly ending up at the same bars and lounges he came up with the idea while looking at his Smartphone. Everyone has a smart phone and developing an app to help bring people to cool places is a great idea. Thinking about how we currently hear about parties and places is either through a friend’s recommendation, a social media post, or directly from a venue. With Jerry as the CEO and Mary the CFO, the two have laid a solid foundation to create something worthwhile for our audience.

Jerry Khemraj


Mary Christian


Our Team

Hagtap is a small team of enthusiastic and passionate individuals. We are alike in our affinity for new technology and nightlife woes but different in our individual experiences and pasts. We have all encountered the problems of not knowing where to go for the night. After meeting together and brainstorming over competitor apps and websites, what seems to be the central reason why people experience those nights is because there is simply a lack of knowledge dealing with what’s going on around them. Working as a small team has allowed us to learn and grow in close proximity while constantly feeding off of each others energy. We look over towards each other whenever we have a question or need a second opinion. It is working because with our unique backgrounds and influences we all have seen a different side of the nightlife industry.

Alex Romero

UI/UX Designer

Keith Morris

Digital Marketing

Joseph Hewitt

Front End Developer


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